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Our Approach

The challenges facing every business are distinct and numerous, Strategic Learning's systematic performance improvement process serves as a roadmap to managing these challenges, while developing the capability and competency needed to achieve "sustainable" growth.

The scalability of our process enables you to select from a range of solutions geared to the unique requirements of your business. There are five interdependent steps in Strategic Learning's process.  Each step is designed to inform and refine subsequent steps.

The first step in the process is Alignment and Assessment and serves to clarify a sponsor's perspective on the current situation and identify targeted results. Often, targeted results require engagement and alignment across several functions of the organization. Occasionally, a comprehensive competency assessment is called for to gauge workforce ability against strategic objectives.  Whether a formal study or a less formal review, this first step creates a clear analysis of current versus desired performance, identification of critical success factors, and options for closing the gap and measuring results.

The second step in the process Competency Development, engages the work force in acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSAs) that equip them to achieve critical business goals. This prescriptive approach insures that the "right people" receive the "right training" at the "right time". It includes applying the most effective and efficient method for delivering the training such as web cast, blended learning, skill practice sessions, small group, and one-to-one coaching.

The third step in the process is the implimentation of sought after Tools and Processes to support change and adoption of KSAs.  Many businesses have existing tools and processes.  Some require minor modification to accommodate new competency driven activities, while others may have "outlived" their usefulness and actually serve as barriers to high performance.

The fourth step is Coaching and Application.  While developing individual performers and even teams makes a difference, it is clear that the impact of learning is amplified when "the leader" interprets the sponsors mission, and goals and provides feedback, recognition and resources in ways that are relevant to each person being coached. Strategic Learning provides coaching development and ongoing support as one element of our integrated performance improvement approach.  And we help internal coaches amplify the gains they have achieved through providing skill application reviews and development tools.

The fifth step in the process, Measurement and Feedback, includes an analysis of results with recommendations for sustaining the performance improvement and suggestions for future performance improvement initiatives.