Team Alignment Series


Accelerating profitable growth in today's complex and dynamic business environment requires intact teams that balance important and urgent work in ways that solve problems and capitalize on opportunities. At today's frenzied pace, wasting resources on unfocused, misinterpreted, or out of alignment agendas is often the difference between unbelievable team performance and "reorganization" in hopes of better results.

Selecting a group of talented individuals is only the first step. The primary challenge is engaging team members in an open examination of how priorities, operating principles, and metrics will accellerate business growth.

The Team Alignment Series provides an engaging learning process for rapidly gathering team members' perspectives, clarifying their team purpose, discussing team values, and crafting an enthusiastically supported vision for sustainable growth. The Team Alignment Series of facilitator tailored learning activities produces results by leading individuals to discover the value they gain by aligning their unique contributions with their team's purpose and business objectives.

Learning Objectives

Participants learn to:

  1. Understand and accept the challenges of building a high performing intact team
  2. Refine and align around the team's Purpose
  3. Explore personal work values, shared work values and define team operating principles
  4. Identify and agree on "customer," business, team and individual objectives
  5. Discover and plan "hidden" team resources and talents will be leveraged
  6. Develop strategies and plans for impacting indicators and achieving objectives
  7. Sustain and extend trust building communication practices
  8. Create and periodically revisit the Team Map to make course corrections


For Direct Reports: For Participants: For Your Company:
  • Improved confidence in team's progress against schedule and results
  • Increased measureable results in less time
  • Demonstrated respect for critical customer metrics - time, quality, productivity, etc.
  • Added influence and responsibility in meeting "customer" requirements
  • Increased pride in team performance and value
  • Improved utilization of and recognition for unique talents
  • Less effort wasted on off-focus, time-wasting individual agendas
  • Higher quality, differentiating, team performance and results
  • Increased ability to rapidly capitalize on challenging growth opportunities

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