Team Development

The complexity and fluidity of customer and market expectations are making teamwork increasingly important to success.  Sports team metaphors are often used to encourage associates to find ways to work together, and wall charts that encourage thinking and working as a team are posted in hopes of inspiring exceptional performance.  Despite the cultural focus, performance audits frequently identify poor teamwork and limited collaboration between associates as major factors limiting progress on critical objectives. Why does this keep happening?

While human beings are inherently social, difficult situations and mismatched expectations frequently create tension and defensiveness between associates.  Our learning solutions are designed to provide a map for business unit and cross functional teams to quickly discover their own path through the difficult stages of team development to high performance.

We work with teams in all stages of development with a focus on progress toward the teams business objectives.  Most often we begin by helping the team think strategically about it's priorities and it's alignment with a path to high performance.  Other solutions guide teams in developing critical communication and collaboration skills.  And for advanced teams and situations where high performance is not an option, we configure solutions that also reveal shared team work values and commitments leading each team member and the entire team to success.