SOCIAL STYLE&#8482 Profile


We have all probably had at least one ah-ha moment when something we said or did resulted in the other person reacting in unanticipated (maybe even irrational) ways. What makes those moments even more confusing is when they appear to be random. Behavior that seems efficient to one employee appears abrupt to another. Behavior is seen as friendly by one customer is viewed as too informal by the next. Every day, these small expectation gaps add up to huge losses in human potential and revenue.

How do your employees know how their behavior is viewed and what can be done to help them and your company avoid those costly communication gaps?

Understanding how people view your employee's communication style (comfort zone) is the first step. The second step is learning to adapt behavior to ensure expectations are being met. The SOCIAL STYLE profile provides concise, valid and actionable feedback about how communication behavior is received and how to adapt it to improve impact. When paired with coaching, a workshop, or another learning solution the result is not only awareness, but also improved effectiveness, less waste, and increased profitability.

Behaviors Measured

The SOCIAL STYLE Profile measures five key dimensions of behavior:

  1. Self perception of communication style, communication habits
  2. Composite of others' (confidential) perceptions of communication style
  3. Self assessment of Versatility, flexibility in meeting others' expectations
  4. Composite of others' (confidential) assessment of Versatility
  5. Assessment of four key Versatility components (self and others'):
    1. Image
    2. Presentation
    3. Competence
    4. Feedback


For Customers/ Colleagues: For Participants: For Your Company:
  • Added influence in creating high value, fulfilling work relationships
  • Less stressed and frustrated in business communications
  • More valued as a contributor to participant's productivity
  • Insights into how their behavior is perceived by others
  • Non-judgmental, development-focused, confidential feedback
  • Actionable path to improved performance ratings and promotions
  • Increased revenue through improved sales appeals
  • Reduced cost of resolving communication problems
  • Increased employee retention and performance

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