Call Center Simulation


Whether in a formal Call Center or a different setting where providing service is required, service professionals are usually the first and sometimes only experience customers have of your Brand. Sometimes it might seem that the only skills required should be “common sense. Yet every day service professionals fall short of meeting customer and employer expectations, and new employees find the job more difficult than expected.

How do you know if the person you are about to hire will build or undermine the value of your company? Do they have the skills and desire to be effective in serving customers?

The Call Center Simulation gives applicants a realistic preview of the service professional job and gives you a realistic preview of the applicant. It provides a prediction of each applicant's potential for success as well as valuable feedback on skill strengths and developmental needs, all before you spend a minute on training.

Assessment Objectives

Call Center Simulation measures seven critical skills:

  1. Ability to Learn and Apply Procedures
  2. Developing Customer Rapport
  3. Discovering Customer Needs
  4. Problem Solving and Responding to Customer Needs
  5. Sales Orientation
  6. Teamwork
  7. Multi-Tasking


For Applicants: For Interviewers: For Your Company:
  • Provides a consistent, fair, and legally-defensible process
  • Gives a realistic preview of required job skills
  • Minimizes confusion about selection criteria (no questions about their favorite color)
  • Demonstrates service orientation through flexible test scheduling
  • Gathers more data in less time using unique question format
  • Provides comprehensive results in less than an hour
  • Saves time by supporting both onsite and remote testing
  • Accurately predicts job performance
  • Increases likelihood that brand value is professionally presented
  • Reduces employee turnover and associated costs
  • Saves training expense by identifying individual and group training needs
  • Minimizes risk by consistently ranking as Best-in-Class

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