Measurement & Assessment

If selection and development strategies are not linked to leading strategic indicators, how will we know we made a difference?"

Effective and efficient learning strategy requires measurement and assessment.  Measurement provides evidence of how selection, development, and learning investments impact your organizational strategy.  Assessment provides a snapshot of current and/or desired organzational and individual competence on specific dimensions at a given time.  Together Assessment and Measurement clarify the competencies employees need to successfully implement strategy, identify candidates who are most likely to succceed, quantify developmental gaps, and provide evidence that learning solutions have made a difference in advancing strategy.

Our approach to Measurement Solutions provides the evidence of impact our customer's require using the most economical methods available.  For some customers, surveys of participants and their managers provide more than enough evidence.  Other customers seek additional, independent measures of performance.  Still others require measures of results along with correlation to the effectiveness of our learning solutions.  Our measurement capabilities allow us to meet our customer's requirements for any level of measurement.  From the most basic paper and pencil surveys, to the most advanced experimental design, we have the capability to provide the evidence of strategic learning your organization demands.

Our approch to Assessment Solutions varies based on our customer's requirements.  We offer both Developmental and Selection Assessment solutions.

Our Development Assessments are designed to assess individual and organizational competence.  The goal of this type of assessment is to identify strategically important or role specific competency gaps.  Sometimes assessments are simply designed to help us collaboratively customize learning experiences.  Other times they are used to help leaders identify the longer term agenda for learning and development strategy.  The focus of our Developmental Assessments is always on ensuring our learning solutions lead to employee fulfillment and performance improvement.

Our Selection Assessments and Tools are designed, developed, and implemented to be valid, reliable, and legally defensible for hiring and promotion.  Because they are usually involved in job action decisions, Selection Assessments must not only select great candidates, they must be defensible.  Some of our Selection Assessment Solutions use survey-based tools, others use advanced interviewing techniques, and still others use advanced simulation technology that can even provide candidates with a realistic job preview.  Regardless of the method, our Selection Assessment Solutions help customers select the best candidates in a fair and defensible manner.

Our Measurement and Assessement solutions focus on your strategy, the work to be done, employee competence, and learning impact.  We assist customers in selecting the best candidates, developing critical competencies, and measuring strategically important performance improvements.