The Discovery Selling Series


When customers have stopped beating a path to the front doors, and winning by being the lowest priced high volume competitor is no longer a sustainable strategy; success requires representatives who discover what is important to each customer, configure value-based offerings, and act to create strategic differentiation.

The Discovery Selling Series (DSS) provides a simple but powerful conceptual structure and skills for exploring and identifying unique value "gaps."  By understanding and exploring what keeps customers from making changes and seeking help, sales professionals learn to go beyond competing for the order to become valued consultants that help solve problems or seize opportunities.

While there is power in thinking and acting differently, by helping sales professionals choose to feel differently about engaging each customer, the Discovery Selling Series transforms sales careers.

Learning Objectives

Participants learn to:

  1. Identify and align with each buyer's business purpose
  2. Understand selling as a buying process
  3. Overcome unproductive thoughts and feelings
  4. Quickly differentiate with new buyers and on new opportunities
  5. Discover buyer values, business needs, and explore for differentiation opportunities
  6. Open orders based on buyer desires, gaps, and sources of value
  7. Communicate effectively after the purchase to reduce cost and increase revenue
  8. Adopt and adapt measurable, buyer-focused sales methods


For Your Customers: For Participants: For Your Company:
  • Confidence in purchasing value differentiated solutions
  • Less frustration from dealing with off-purpose sales people
  • Friendly, efficient, effective and focused business consultants
  • A reliable no-hassle supplier of business critical solutions, products and services
  • Simple, powerful, immediately applicable skills and tools
  • Less conflict and fewer surprise objections at order
  • Increased respect as a knowledgeable and trusted advisor
  • Flexible process for applying unique talents in clarifying value
  • Increased productivity through higher close rates and volumes
  • Fewer complaints and lower costs in solution, product service delivery
  • Sensible, measureable leading indicators of sales productivity
  • Reduce wasted efforts on undifferentiated opportunities

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