The Adaptive Sales Person Series


The Adaptive Sales Person (ASP) Series is based on research that shows highly adaptive salespeople are more effective than their less flexible colleagues, and are more successful in identifying and meeting customer expectations.

Adapting to the personal preferences of buyers, whether as members of a team or as individuals, is essential to successful sales performance.  ASP provides the knowledge, skills, and emotional intelligence salespeople need to adapt their behavior and sell the way customers like to buy. By learning to recognize distinct behavior style expectations and requirements, salespeople plan selling strategies and adapt pursuasion skills to differentiate their appeals and offerings.

Learning Objectives

Participants learn to:

  1. Understand the importance of balancing one's selling purpose and objectives
  2. Understand their personal selling style strengths and potential blind-spots
  3. Adapt to "difficult" people and engage them in ways that reduce frustration and increase sales
  4. Manage personal reactions and effectively respond to team and individual buyer tension
  5. Deepen existing relationships to create customers for life
  6. Develop proposals that appeal to each decision maker's buying style
  7. Deliver presentations that include appeals to individual decision makers
  8. Recognize the signs of a customer/ decision maker under stress
  9. Use tension-reducing techniques to remove buying decision barriers


For Your Customers: For Participants: For Your Company:
  • Sales people who are the kind of people they want to see
  • Satisfaction that their supplier understands what they want and delivers
  • Confidence that their objectives and needs come before the salesperson's
  • Less stress and more productivity working with your representatives
  • Higher close rates with existing prospects and customers
  • Reduced unproductive stress with both internal and external customers
  • Less time wasted in unproductive sales and internal influence efforts
  • Reduced sales cycle time without increasing energy and time
  • Increased sales from same prospect base
  • Increased brand and customer loyalty
  • Reduced unproductive conflict resulting from miscommunication
  • Less time wasted on managing damaged customer and peer relationships

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