Sales Performance

Traditionally, sales representatives have been viewed as tacticians whose competencies focus on describing product features and benefits. Today's sales professionals achieve competitive differentiation by shaping their company's products and services into an offering that serves to create a unique advantage for their customers.

In that, salespeople play two vital roles in the business landscape: one of a business consultant providing an advantage to your customer, and the second of a strategist advancing your business through intelligent opportunity management.

Adding value to your customers means understanding their business, their industry, and their competitive landscape. It requires a sales force that has skills well beyond those of a traditional salesperson, and it also requires sales leaders who are responsible for the sales process, as well as accountable for results.

Learning how to discover and satisfy the customer's immediate and long-range business requirements is a necessary core competency. The skills and knowledge, which enable sales professionals to serve as team leaders - who align and orchestrate value-creating resources, are essential in executing many of today's complex strategic initiatives.