Get Control!™ Series


Research indicates that on average information workers spend about 2.5 hours a day on email and consider 30% of that time to be wasted. In the US alone this study suggests a whopping $540 Billion is wasted each year. When almost every task requires us to quickly find and leverage an email, file or other digital item hard-to-find, lost information blows a hole in your productivity and can hurt your professional image. Add a few endless and meandering meetings to your day and it is easy to see how anyone can rapidly feel out of control in a flood of inefficient and low priority information.

The Get Control Series is designed and tested to quickly, easily and efficiently help professionals information excellence through effective email communication, information retrieval, and meeting participation. Imagine, saving 45 minutes every day on email alone. By putting Get Control tools and skills into practice customers have measured a 15% productivity savings, and a 35% improvement in the effectiveness of meetings.

Learning Objectives

Participants learn to:

  1. Understand the impact of ineffective information practices
  2. Cut email processing time by 20%
  3. Apply the 6Ds for overcoming jammed inboxes
  4. Understand email etiquette and business writing best practices
  5. Discover why storage systems fail
  6. Reduce clutter, establish order, and ease navigation
  7. Reduce meetings by 15% and increase results by 30%
  8. Hold engaging, glitch free virtual meetings
  9. Use at least 3 amazing easy scheduling methods to improve outcomes


For Your Customers: For Interviewers: For Your Company:
  • Clear, concise, actionable interactions with your company
  • Lower "time" cost of doing business with your professionals
  • Increased trust with and for your company's team members
  • Get more accomplished through email and in person in less time
  • Less time wasted deciphering overly complex messages
  • Improved understanding of expectations and responsibilities
  • Improved ability to handle difficult meeting participants
  • Improved reputation for "getting things done on time"
  • Reduced IT, travel, and legal costs
  • More action and results from meetings and messages
  • Less time lost to "recreating" or "reinventing" information
  • Less effort wasted in resolving "who's on first?" conflicts

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