Service Excellence On Purpose


Customers want what customers want. Service professionals are responsible for developing a satisfying service relationship - even when the customer's initial actions and communication are irrational and demanding. In an era of escalating expectations, how can your company develop a culture of customer satisfaction that lives up to each customer's definition of service excellence?

While this may seem like an unrealistic expectation, the best companies and service professionals learn how to manage their own expectations, frustration and defensiveness in order to focus on helping each customer get what they want.

When service providers learn how to satisfy demanding customers in a purposeful manner they establish a competitive advantage for their company and a sense of fulfillment for themselves.

Learning Objectives

Participants learn to:

  1. Commit to a personal service purpose
  2. Assess the service team's emotional condition
  3. Assess the customer's emotional condition
  4. Use empathic listening to establish credibility
  5. Discover customer expectations
  6. Apply company procedures
  7. Explore satisfactory solutions
  8. Sell the value of satisfaction
  9. Ask for and receive recommendations


For Your Customers: For Participants: For Your Company:
  • An influential and powerful relationship with your company
  • Excitement about shopping for, purchasing and using your products and services
  • Recognized for doing business with a high quality provider
  • Confidence that they will get what they want from you
  • Less stress, especially in dealing with irrational demands
  • Increased power and influence with demanding customers
  • Higher service satisfaction ratings and recognition
  • Logical, engaging method for serving stressed customers
  • Reduced cost of building and maintaining brand equity
  • Increased revenue from repeat and value satisfaction sales
  • Higher quality feedback on evolving customer expectations
  • Less leadership effort spent on managing damaged customer relationships

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