Strategic Alignment Workshop


As Organizations confront complexity in a rapidly changing marketplace, there are two common responses. One response is guided by the instinct to fully understand the all of the market dynamics before taking action. A second response is guided by the instinct to just try something new. Sometimes these two responses coexist along with plenty of confusion. Other times the result is frustration and unproductive conflict. Without understanding, reconciling, and aligning the various points of view, organizations often end up with each leader pulling in a different direction, negatively impacting productivity and profitability.

How can everyone quickly get on the same strategic page and stay open and responsive to change? The Strategic Alignment Workshop (SAW), guides executives and strategic decision making groups of up to fifty in quickly identifying where the commitment to investing energy and resources is shared and holds the highest probability of success. It is the culmination of work by leading futurists to rapidly build a shared understanding of challenges, describe a successful future, and identify opportunities for aligned action.

Learning Objectives

Participants learn to:

  1. Express points of view succinctly and completely
  2. Suspend judgment while listening to others perspectives on external challenges and trends
  3. Identify sources of complexity, strength, and vulnerability within the organization
  4. Understand how others see strengths and vulnerabilities impacting the organization
  5. Identify key elements of a successful future without getting stuck in personal agendas
  6. Identify the handful of high impact critical factors that lead to realizing success
  7. Prioritize critical factors in terms of opportunity for improvement
  8. Explore the group's degree of alignment with the agenda and potential sources of divergence
  9. Create action plans for moving through complexity to success
  10. Anticipate and overcome predictable, real obstacles to acting with aligned energy


For Leadership Teams: For Participants: For Your Company:
  • Structured and open method of gathering the best ideas
  • Reduced impact of rampaging or stubborn team members
  • Greater sense of involvement in and commitment to strategy and its execution
  • Insight into best and brightest reasoning and recommendations
  • Quality information upon which to base strategy and investment
  • Increased influence with important but reluctant executive team members
  • Shared information, experience and understanding to guide daily decision making
  • Thorough and efficiently defined best path forward
  • Involved and engaged leadership team(s)

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