Alignment & Business Planning

Your business spends untold dollars and countless hours developing business strategies and even more researching and developing product launches and campaigns.  The SWOT and BCG analysis are conducted for every division, line and launch.  The resulting strategies are usually brilliant.

But what happens if team members responsible for communicating, leading and monitoring strategic execution fail to agree about what must go right to achieve success?  And as the strategic environment grows ever more complex, how do different functions and projects know their impact on each other and inform senior leader's expectations - all while focusing on execution?

More than a dozen years ago, futurists argued that the pace of business was making five year plans obsolete.  These days globalization, the internet, and rapid population shifts make three year plans irrelevant in two.   In response to these strategy and business planning challenges, Strategic Learning has developed tools and processes that reduce the amount of time and money required by these critical activities, while increasing their value and flexibility. 

Our methods help leaders like you make complex information simple to understand and difficult objectives more easily achieved.  Our facilitators work with Sr. Leaders and their teams to identify strategic focus, identify what must go right to realize strategic intent, and develop short, specific, actionable business plans.  Our coaches use our unique set of tools, techniques, and processes to guide your leaders in turning their valuable information and insights into aligned action plans that deliver measureable results.

Contact us to investigate how we might collaborate to align the energies of your executive team and ensure Critical Success Factors (CSFs) drive measureable results and profitable growth.