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Supporting Our Community: The National Association of Social Workers – PA Chapter

We are excited to announce that our own Dr. William Mehnert will be facilitating the Influential Negotiator: A Leadership Institute program next month at that National Association of Social Workers Conference scheduled to be held October 13-15, 2011 at the DoubleTree Resort Lancaster/Willow Valley in Lancaster, PA.

Are you or is someone you know a […]

TRACOM Accepts Our EQ Whitepaper

We are proud to announce that The TRACOM Group has accepted Strategic Learning’s white paper “Developing Emotional Intelligence In Sales” for global publication and distribution. The creator of Social Style™, The TRACOM Group, is a recognized industry leader delivering workplace performance solutions in multiple languages to organizations worldwide.

In recognition of our shared interest […]

What Differentiates Successful Salespeople?

The SPIN Selling model was developed by Neil Rackham based on extensive research he conducted on what differentiates successful from less successful salespeople. The model provides a time-proven framework that any salesperson can implement to become more effective.

Rackham clearly states that there is no magic formula for achieving better sales results, however, he does […]

Emotional Intelligence & Social Style

by Strategic Learning’s Alliance Partner the TRACOM Group and John Myers

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a concept focused on how effectively people work with others. EQ skills are unique from a person’s technical skills and cognitive abilities. Multiple studies have shown that EQ competencies often account for the difference between star performers and average performers, […]

Developing Emotional Intelligence In Sales

The discrepancy between expected behavior and actual on-the-job performance is among the greatest challenges facing business leaders involved in selecting and developing highly-skilled, successful sales professionals.

Too often sales skills and techniques demonstrated in interviews and training are not observable when they are most needed – during challenging or difficult customer interactions. Despite “going through” […]

Free EQ Webinar

Want to learn more about Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Emotional Intelligence: What’s New, What’s True (a free, on-demand EQ webinar from our strategic alliance with The TRACOM GROUP) is now available for your viewing pleasure!

Since this is an indexed, on-demand webinar you have the ability to not only choose the contents you wish to view, […]

Emotional Intelligence Strongest Link to Business Results

Intellectual and functional skills are important, but research shows that emotional intelligence is the most important factor in effective leadership. There is a proven link between emotional intelligence and measurable business results including:

Sales Performance Leadership & Managerial Effectiveness Recruiting & Retention Success

Want to know more about the research and what it says?

Download […]

Leader’s Insight

Welcome to Strategic Learning’s leadership dialogue, “Leader’s Insight.” The purpose of this dialogue is to explore thoughts, behaviors and feelings that have led to your success or maybe even undesireable outcomes. As any leader who has made difficult decisions knows, the challenge in leadership isn’t really choosing between good and bad, it lies in differentiating […]