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Developing Emotional Intelligence In Sales

The discrepancy between expected behavior and actual on-the-job performance is among the greatest challenges facing business leaders involved in selecting and developing highly-skilled, successful sales professionals.

Too often sales skills and techniques demonstrated in interviews and training are not observable when they are most needed - during challenging or difficult customer interactions. Despite "going through" the best sales training workshops and intense "skill and drill" activities, too many representatives fail to meet reasonable performance expectations The Vanishing VP of Salesin the "real world." Eventually, sales representatives begin to doubt the usefulness of the training and business leaders consider the gap a sales leadership, training, and selection problem.

Sales leaders and trainers are left with the perplexing question, "If the sales representative demonstrated they could apply the skills during the workshop, why aren't these skills being used with real customers and especially in challenging sales situations?"

Is it likely that more "skill and drill" will make a difference in performance when representatives have already demonstrated those skills in "real world" situations?

The answer, of course, is no. Once an individual has demonstrated the skill, the most likely barriers to high performance must reside in another aspect of professional development.

If this feels familiar, download a free, no obligation WhitePaper to discover why emotional intelligence is so important to sales performance and the four steps to developing emotional intelligence in sales.

How have you used emotional intelligence to overcome a difficult sales challenge?

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